6 x 8 alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting me oil on board plein air

It was a wonderful day, I had a shot(painting) at the Circus from Gay Street the day before. Up till that moment I had never seen the Circus,but my little experience from the day before, gave me a vivid impression that the Circus was worth exploring!

"Easel does it by Jess Loughborough "SUNFACE13"

On the 21st of September I got out of my bed while the sun was shining with a glorious morning light and I ventured to get one shot(painting) of the Circus done. I arrived at around 10.15am at an interesting spot right in the middle of the park at the Circus and decided to paint a good view of an area in which the sun had illuminated part of the grass to almost a fluorescent yellowish green, with Brock Street peeping through!
While getting ready to paint, a resident from the Circus buildings came down to meet me with a cup of tea and said, "May the sun shine for you all day long"- I gladly had the 'Cuppa' and got down to work, at about 11.38am I had completed my first panel and then I thought the composition looked a bit incomplete. So I brought up another panel and joined it to the first and at around 12.36 in the afternoon I completed my first two 6" x 8" panels of the Circus. I was happy with the result until one passer by said, "it's good you are doing a panorama of this....." then I thought, OK, a panorama....I think I'll try...? Let's see what a third panel would like, by this time I had to turn my position to capture another part of the Circus, linking the third to the second. IT WAS and MUST HAVE BEEN AT THIS MOMENT, THE MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER, Jess Loughborough CAPTURED ME in the shot above!

Adebanji's Circus Panorama- 36" x 6", Oil on Board, 2010, (SOLD)

I didn't know he captured me in a powerful shot until last week when Jose, a plein air painter from Spain and a lover of British Artists like Peter Brown, David Curtis and Trevor Chamberlain, introduced himself to me by email and told me he had discovered a picture I'll like on Flickr. I went to the link on flickr and "Lo and behold"- It was a picture of me painting the Circus!!!!

Adebanji presenting the Circus Panorama

The art of photography is similar to my quick sketches because most of the people I sketch never know I sketch them and that's the same way I never knew Jess had captured me with his Pentax K20D camera! But the Internet is a small world and Jose happens to follow my blog and has also taken part in one of my competitions. He discovered it and I love the picture so much! It brought back memories of one of the days during my Bath Marathon when I feel Inspiration and Perspiration met at their best! I went on to do 3 more panels and it ended up as a 6 panel Panorama of the Circus. Jess has given me the permission to use the image on my blog. Check out his other pictures HERE, they are great! Also check and read the comments of other photographers, one had actually seen me the day before, the picture and comments can be seen HERE

Below are some other pictures related to the Circus Panorama.

Circus in progress I

Circus in progress II

Special Quote
"Always paint your intention. One is composing with every brushstroke. Every brushstroke is furthering the composition, not just by completing the painting, but by creating it. As pearls reflect the string, so do the brushstrokes reflect the composition, the artist's intention. One is always painting one's taste. Every brushstroke is a reflection of that taste or sensitivity"- David Leffel, painting as a discipline,

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