My Studio Space- This time a shot of me on the Southesatern trains

me people sketches Southeastern trains studio space

This is my studio space too. This is where I quench my thirst for the human face.

I think it was George Passantino that said, "Never miss the opportunity to sketch the human face/ or figure.." It was from his books I first found a love for figures in the library at Yaba College of Technology in Nigeria.

I can almost remember pouncing on this book almost everyday because it was in the reference section, it couldn't be borrowed, so I read it like I have never read any other book. I did the same to John Carlson's landscape Book I wish to get a copy again someday and I wish I could read like that again, nowadays I only do snap shot reading and its because of the over-availability of books at my disposal.

I hope to bring back the good old days of reading my art books with such hunger and desire to learn, as we would always remain students forever!

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