Royal Exchange Sketch, 18" x 14", Oil Base Pencil/Charcoal on paper, 2009

charcoal dust cityscape oil base pencil sketches

For the rest of this month, I'll be out and about in the City of London and the West End capturing landmark shots of the beautiful city.

Today I was at the Royal Exchange where I felt a bit daunted, sketching right in the middle of the busy city spot. But after a few lines, mistakes, nervousness and panics, I manged to settle down to sketch the Royal Exchange. I started at 13.04hrs and finished around 15.05hrs. It was a great experience and I am inspired to keep this going! Tomorrow I 'll be targeting St Paul's Cathedral hopefully if somewhere else doesn't catch my attention.

This was done on a very heavy paper of about 350gms with the sketching done with oil base pencil and the wash with charcoal dust mixed with water.

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