Sketches on the train, tube and bus in London (March I)

Adebanji Alade ball point pen london people public transportation sketches Sketches on Public transport tips on sketching people on public transport tombow wash pens

Here I will be showing some of the sketches in one of my sketchbooks. I sketch almost everyday on public transport. This has been my practice for many years now and I just keep this habit going as it is the way I see the world!

Hope you enjoy these sketches and I hope you can feel the way I felt for each face. I just love faces!!!

Nothing is so enjoyable, so interesting and so engaging as when I sit down to thoroughly sketch the faces I see on public transport!

SPECIAL QUOTE- "Many people have asked me what do I do when someone sees that I am sketching them, I say to them, I simply wink, once I wink, it keeps them calm, I have tried it and it works!"-Adebanji Alade

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