Kezia in sleepmode IX, 9" x 8", Oil Base Pencil on Paper, 2009

cartidge paper Kezia oil base pencil sleeping mode

This is another sketch of Kezia sleeping. She kept moving, so I gave up. Sometimes they enjoy changing gears in sleep too often!

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"Industrial Synthesis" 15" x 9", Mixed Media on Paper, 2009

acrylic cartidge paper charcoal different strokes from different folks DSFDF Karin Jurick mixed media oil base pencil

This is my entry into Karin Juricks DSFDF, The reference picture had roof tops and I didn't really find the whole picture interesting but a section of it.

So I decided to zoom into this area and make a statement with it. I just loved the various tonal values, the variety of shapes and diagonals, so I played around with them using charcoal, oil base pencils and white acrylic. I fixed the charcoal...

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Kezia in sleepmode VII, A3 Sketchbook, Carbon Pencil, 2009

A3 sketchpad carbon pencil cartidge paper Kezia me people sketching sleeping mode

Capturing my little princess as she sleeps is not that easy especially when she falls asleep in my hands/shoulders. I decided to incorporate my face into these ones to add some contrast.

I have done these with a carbon pencil B and 2B on cartridge paper.

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African Headgear III, 16" x 20", Oil Base Pencil/Charcoal Dust

African Headgear AFRO HEADGEAR SERIES cartidge paper charcoal dust oil base pencil

This makes number 3 in my current Afro Headgear series.

The model here is my great friend Esta who I have used many times in my Afro Series too.

I have used Charcoal dust for the broad tones and Compressed Charcoal for the darker tones. Then I used Oil base pencils for the details and lines on Norfolk Cartridge paper.

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Kezia(VI) and Josh (XVI) in sleep mode, Oil Base Pencil, 2009

cartidge paper josh Kezia oil base pencil sleeping mode

The records in my visual diary of sleeping modes continue with Josh and Kezia.

The only time I can really capture them in a peaceful bliss.

Both sketches are done with Oil Base pencil (soft).

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