The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 7

chalk pastel coloured pencil exhibition gouache josh Patchings Art Exhibition portraits The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career watercolour wax crayons

Number 7-Day Dreaming

I won't write too much about this piece here because the whole story about how I created it from start to finish can be seen on this link HERE.

DAY DREAMING, 13” x 10” Mixed Media(watercolour, coloured pencil, wax crayons, chalk pastel, 2008)

The work was chosen as part of the Patching's Art Competition organised by The Artist's Magazinein 2008 and a nice guy bought it! It...

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big issue seller chalk pastel coloured pencils

This is a continuation of my series of Big Issue Sellers in London and Bath. This particular seller had one of the faces that is a dream to draw for portrait lovers. You could take one look at him and he'd take your artistic breath away! The guys that sell these Big Issue Magazines are homeless but this gives them something to gain extra cash.

This was done on a museum mount board prepared with...

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FLAMENCO SERIES 2 & 3, Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

acrylic chalk pastel charcoal dust coloured pencil flamenco series gouache graphite dust oil base pencil wax crayons

My series of flamenco dancers continues. My goal is to experiment with movement, texture, mood, energy, vitality and emotion-all of which would be the highlights in this series of drawings and paintings.


The inspiration for this series has come from Brian's St Louis Drawing Blog. He had an interesting post on a Flamenco dancer, Beth Steinbrennerto not only model for them but also...

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MACKY, 9" x 12", Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

chalk pastel coloured paper watercolour wax crayons

Check out how this this mixed media piece of a homeless guy I met on the streets was transformed from a sketch by clicking HERE

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