Original Mounted Sketches Available!

A6 daler-rowney sketch book Adebanji Alade colored pencils conte graphite london people public transportation sketches tombow wash pens Works for Sale

I have had many people show a lot of interest in acquiring some of my original sketches from my daily sketchbook. This is a great opportunity to get them at studio clearance prices.....I'm making lots of space in my studio at the moment, the process contniues. I have 4 in this Collection and if anyone is interested they are £150 each all unframed.

Sketch, sketch, sketch!!!

Just send me an email if...

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"I don't need an umbrella....I love the rain" , 6" x 9", Mixed Media, 2011 (The Flying Moleskins)

colored pencils gouache mixed media the flying moleskins watercolour watercolour paper

This is my contribution to Vern's sketchbook. Its part of a Sketchbook Exchange I am currently taking part in called, "The Flying Moleskins" He said we could paint anything and around the time I was thinking of what to paint- It happened to be a time I was getting mesmerized by rain reflections on London streets.

I don't need an umbrella...I love the rain, 6" x 9", Mixed Media, 2011

So I...

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"Peter and Paul"-The Flying Moleskins 12" x 9", mixed media on paper

biro colored pencils graphite ink mixed media oil base pencil the flying moleskins wax crayons

This is my entry into James Parker's world of Wildlife. It's part of the Flying Moleskins exchange between 13 artists

I know James is sooo funny, so I decided to sketch these funny looking animals from the London Zoo. I forgot to take note of what actually they are called, so, can someone help me out?

I have called them Peter and Paul!

For this piece I have used graphite, ink, tom bow wash pens, ball...

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Josh in Sleep mode XIV, A3 sketchbook, Sanguine/Sepia dust/Coloured pencil, 2009

A3 sketchpad colored pencils josh sketches sleeping mode

This is number 14 in my current series of quick records of my son in sleep mode.

This afternoon while working on a commission that I was using sanguine and sepia dust, he fell asleep beside me. So I quickly took a break and tried to capture another sleep mode. I think I ended up pouring too much dust on the paper and it was hard to lift off.

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My Beloved Tree III, 16 x 11, mixed media on paper, 2009

biro colored pencils drawing gouache landscape my beloved tree sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour

The weather was better today but only in the afternoon. I scouted about to find those lovely trees that I have always longed to draw or paint but only do so in my dreams, or sometimes in my mind....I discovered this one in the bush around Belvedere. I then made myself comfortable and gave it a go.

I have used sanguine and sepia dust, watercolour, gouache, Biro and coloured pencils to achieve this.


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