Painting of Diana( Stage 4) This seems to be the final stage

diana life painting model oil on linen people portraits

I got in 3 valuable hours today and this might be the final. I don't think I'll be taking this on again because it got to the stage where I said all what I wanted to say at the beginning of the painting. It was all about her hair and that has been achieved! This is one model I would continue to paint as far as she is available. Very professional and has a charming personality too.

While painting...

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Painting of Diana (Stage 3)

diana life painting oil on linen people portraits

I had the opportunity to paint from life today. I continued with another 3 hours on Diana.

I had to change the background completely because the other background wasn't showing the beauty of her long natural hair, and that was the very thing that prompted me to ask her to model for me in the first place. So I work like a robot to retouch the background and then settle for most of her garment and...

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Painting of Diana (Stage 2)

diana life painting mixed media. people oil on linen portraits

I had the opportunity today to get in 3 hours of work on Diana.

Painting from life is really interesting and demanding, as one has to adjust and re-adjust with the movements and changes in the model, especially when it comes to clothes and folds.

Diana has been a great model and I look forward to getting more work done. At 2 hours Diana wanted me to stop the painting- she said it already had a...

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Painting of Diana (Stage 1)

diana life painting oil on linen people portraits

I'm currently still Painting Dory, but I have also got another life painting going at the moment. I met this model at the RPexhibition last year. The first thing that drew me to her then was her long natural hair! I gained the courage to ask if she would like to model after observing and she agreed to sit for a life painting. That never materialised since last April until yesterday, she had been...

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