Highlights from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition (Under 35 Category) 2011

exhibition figurative figures landscapes Mall Galleries oil portraits ROI still life winsor and newton

Once again I am thrilled to highlight this category which is known as the Winsor & Newton Young Artists Award, It's a major part of the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, which opened yesterday to the public at the Mall Galleries and continues till Sunday the 18th of December. It was opened by the President, Peter Wileman and The Rt. Hon, Michael Portillo. This years crowd...

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Bath Marathon III Day 1 and 2

6 x 8 Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscapes oil on board oil sketch urban life

Glory be to God! Here comes the Third Marathon! You might be thinking I'll be sick of Bath by now. But No! There are still more places to paint! As A plein air painter it is not the places we look for, but the effect of light on the places and therefore, one place could look different in seven different light conditions during the day! Incredible! I have had to delay this post because the wii fii...

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Sketch of Wellington Arch-Hyde Park, A3, Pen/Ink, 2009

bristol board paper drawing landscapes pen and ink statues

Out and about the city again! This time it's Hyde Park Corner and The Wellington Arch caught my attention on a hot summers morning! Temperatures went high as 30C, which is really high for London! The Ink washes dried so quickly.

This was done with Pen and ink wash on an A3 Bristol paper. The Bristol paper is very white which really helps for the vibrant result.

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Sketch of Buckingham Palace, 13" x 10", Oil Base Pencil/charcoal, 2009

charcoal cityscape landscapes oil base pencil sketches

Some more sketching about in London.

This time it's where the Queen lives.

This was done with Oil Base Pencil and charcoal wash.

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My Beloved Tree V, 8" x 10", Oil on Canvasboard, 2009

landscapes my beloved tree oil on canvas board

This was the my next shot after I finished number 4 in this series. This was more of a close up and I really had to zero-in to get the delicate features of this beautiful tree. I worked on it on site and finished it off in the studio

This was done in oil on a Winsor and Newton Canvas board.

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