The Duet, Mixed Media on Gessoed mountboard, 8.5" x 11", 2011

coloured pencil liquin oil on gessoed musuem mount board oil pastel the flying moleskins

This is my contribution to a world wide sketchbook exchange I am currently taking part in called "The Flying Moleskins".

This is my contribution to Edward Burton's Sketchbook. His theme is music.
I decided to use these two players who I had been longing to paint for a quite a while.

The Duet, Mixed Media on Gessoed Musuem mount board, 8.5" x 11", 2011

I can't remember the origin of the music but I...

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AFRO XVIII, 9" x 12", Mixed Media on Paper, 2010

AFRO SERIES biro coloured pencil liquin oil base pencil watercolour paper wax crayons

This number 28 in my current series of Afro Hair styles. I really love the look of Afros and I'll continue this series as far as I keep loving it!

For this piece I had my friend Shola as the model, she turned up to a get-together with this Afro and without wasting time I asked if she'll like to part of the series and she agreed.

This piece was done in an "experimental manner" I used watercolour,...

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