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MY UPCOMING WORKSHOP-"Everything I know about Sketching!"

Adebanji Alade learning to sketch materials used in sketching sketch classes sketch techniques sketch tutorials sketch workshop sketches tips on sketching people on public transport workshop

I've been running this sketching blog since 2006 and a lot of my readers have always asked for a hands on practical workshop- So I'm delighted to announce that I'll be holding an intensive one day WORKSHOP on "Everything I know about Sketching!".

To register for this workshop you can click HERE

The details are as follows:

Everything I know about sketching: ONE DAY WORKSHOP at Harris Academy,...

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SKETCHING ON THE TUBE: My 2 hour workshop on the Circle Line

A5 sketch pad biro copic brush marker fixative graphite materials used in sketching people public transportation sketchbook sketching tombow wash pens tube

On the 10th of March I took 6 students from different Universities in London on a 2 hour Workshop on "Sketching on the Tube". I had a Masters Student from Metropolitan University and 5 Under-graduates from Middlesex, LCC, Wimbledon, Byam Shaw and Camberwell. This event was organised and sponsored by The Fine Art Collective and Winsor & Newton.

Winsor and Newton provided a...

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Sketches on the bus and train in February I (and the materials I use to sketch)

materials used in sketching people people sketches sketching kit

This is one page spread of sketches I have recently. I have also decided to highlight the materials I use to sketch, I have done this before but it seems a lot of people still would like to know. I have replied many emails from readers but I have now decided to re-post. I'll do the one of my graphite sketching kit when I return to the trusty old graphite sketches. But for now it's the pen...

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