ADEBANJI ALADE: MY ART, MY PASSION FOR SKETCHING — painters and thier paintings

Some young painters I loved at the ROI Exhibition 2009

exhibition painters and thier paintings ROI

As promised earlier this week I said I'll post some of the painters I loved in the Winsor and Newton Young Painters (Under 35) Artists Section at the ROI Exhibition 2009.

1. Yasunobu Shidami
He won the 1st prize in the Winsor and Newton Young Painters Section. He was a year ahead of me while at Heatherleysand he has set new standards and goals for himself since then. He had a masterful self portrait...

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Adebanji and some of his paintings I

me painters and thier paintings painting

It is always good to look at the painter and their paintings, that is why I am a going to continue my series on a painters and their paintings. But meanwhile I'll just like to keep a reaction going between painters and their paintings, this time it is photos of me. Sometimes people say painters will reveal who they are in their paintings. I am not sure how true that is, but I do know that we...

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Painters and their paintings I (ANDREW FESTING), Mixed Media on arches watercolour paper, 10" x 12", 2009

arches watercolour paper biro gouache graphite oil base pencil painters and thier paintings pen people. watercolour

This is the first of a new series of works I'll be producing on painters and their paintings.

Now, because this is based on photos I have taken of these artists- I am leaving it open to you to guess who the artist is.

After someone gets it right then I'll post their name in brackets as part of the title. Only then will I complete the reason why I chose the artist and why I like their paintings and...

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