Three 5" x 3.5" Postcards to help Childhood First Charity

acrylic charity coloured pencil fund-raising goauche mixed media pen watercolour

I was recently contacted to paint 3 postcards to help raise some funds for Childhood First, A registered charity that delivers exceptional, cost-effective outcomes in the care, education and treatment of traumatised children and young people. Many other artists ans some celebrities were also involved in this Fund-raising event that took place at The Savoy in London.

Since the guidelines were...

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"Left Over-Raiders" 13" x 6.5", watercolour, 2009

arches watercolour paper different strokes from different folks DSFDF Karin Jurick pen

I have been so busy working on a portrait commission of a large head, 30" x 30" and it has almost made me loose track of most things that I almost missed Karin Jurick's Different Strokes from Different folks. It is has been one year since Karin started this great blog after the her dog, Jackpassed away. Ever since, she got artists all over the world painting and drawing Jack. She has continued to...

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Bath Experience II, 2009

A5 sketch pad Bath Experience pen sketches

Another experience in Bath, this time I was in the park at Queen's Square and I noticed two interesting trees. I quickly sketched them to wile away time while waiting for my coach time.

One of the trees looked like a one-eyed monster and the other had a beautiful curvy flow to it.

These have been sketched in ink with a pen (0.2 nib) and Tombow grey No75 Felt brush pen in an A5 sketch pad.

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Painters and their paintings I (ANDREW FESTING), Mixed Media on arches watercolour paper, 10" x 12", 2009

arches watercolour paper biro gouache graphite oil base pencil painters and thier paintings pen people. watercolour

This is the first of a new series of works I'll be producing on painters and their paintings.

Now, because this is based on photos I have taken of these artists- I am leaving it open to you to guess who the artist is.

After someone gets it right then I'll post their name in brackets as part of the title. Only then will I complete the reason why I chose the artist and why I like their paintings and...

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Sketches on the train/tube in January VII

pen people sketch pad sketches tombow wash pens

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