Alla Prima Techinque: Inside out-"Rain, Rain, Rain, Trafalgar Square"

Adebanji Alade alla prima Charing Cross demo Demonstrations Inside-Out Technique london oil on board rain Statue Trafalgar Square urban

Rain, Rain, Rain, Trafalgar Square, 10" x 8", Oil on Board, SOLD

In this post I would like to explain in full detail, my process of painting a typical Urban Rainy Day in London.
I love rainy days because of the reflections and subtle greys but most importantly, I love them because it gives me the opportunity to test my drawing skills while painting. 

Painting shape by shape in the "Inside Out"...

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The Making of Rain, Reflections and The Lady in Red

alla prima demo Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition landscape landscape painting london oil oil on board rain reflections urban life

Rain, Refections and The Lady in red, 8" x 10", Oil on Board. 

This is a little 8" x10" painting I did a while back and posted under the title-The Power of Red-of a wet London scene. Every now and then apart from posting the work I do or work that I am currently working on. I also like to share the stages I go through to produce some of these paintings. This particular painting was painted entirely...

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The Great British Summer Showers!!!

alla prima Enid Lawson Gallery figurative figures london oil on board oil on canvas people rain

Summer Showers Sloane Square,  24" x 20", oil on canvas

We have already had all the rain that we could ever think of or get this summer but it ain't over yet! It seems there's a lot more ahead and to celebrate this "down pour" I have decided to post these two paintings that feature rain but with a  bit of colour and beauty to lighten up the days ahead! Don't forget your brollies even if it shines...

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Rain and Reflections-The City, 8" x 10", Oil on board.

alla prima figurative figures london oil on board rain reflections urban life

This is one of my little alla prima paintings of London. In this painting I introduced my own colour scheme to the scene which would have rather been harsh if i kept it as it was. Normally the London buses are a harsh warm red colour but  I decided to move it  to the purple tint range to support my warm purplish scheme here. I then added a yellow umbrella to compliment the whole picture.

Rain and...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career-40

alla prima exhibition figurative figures landscape landscape painting london oil on canvas rain rush hour The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career urban life


Rain, Rain and Rush Hour,  24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011

And finally at last, The 40th work that has made my career is this painting- I was inspired to take this one on because it was a had crowded figures, reflections and rain-three elements I really love in urbanscapes!

I worked completely from a photo in the studio but all the time I made sure I didn't fall...

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