The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 18

AFRO SERIES coloured pencils sanguine dust sanguine oil base pencil The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career

Number 18- AFRO XX

This piece comes from my AFRO SERIES, a series which I am still currently working on. This series emphasizes the beauty of natural black hair.

I can clearly remember I met a lovely lady, during a weekend in the winter of 2008 and she had a nice looking Afro, not the kind you'll always see. I looked once and twice....then got the courage to ask if she'll like to be in my current...

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Josh in Sleep Mode XV, Oil base pencil(Sanguine), A4 sketchbook, 2009

josh sanguine oil base pencil sketches sleeping mode

This makes number 15 in my current series of my son sleeping. This time after a busy day at Nursery, he ate and watched "Prince of Egypt" after which it was a switch to sleep mode. I quickly rushed to get another sketch done before he changed gears.

This was done with an oil base sanguine pencil with a bit of sanguine dust at the end, in my A4 sketchbook.

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EMOTIONS VII, 8" x 10", Sanguine dust/pencil on Museum Mount Cardboard, 2009

berimbau EBay emotions museum mount cardboard sanguine dust sanguine oil base pencil

This is number 7 in my current Emotions series.

I recently sketched this guy in one of my previous posts.

These are some of the procedures I take when doing these drawings:

Here I have used the sanguine dust with a ghosting technique applied to the board with tissue paper and carefully I have used a an eraser to take out highlights as if I was painting with white.

Here I start to add detail with the...

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