Graphite Study Drawings of two lovely children. 13" x 9", Graphite/Oil base pencil on Watercolour paper, 2009

drawing graphite oil base pencil portraits study

I recently posted sketches I did of these two lovely children and I have now completed the graphite study drawings in preparation for the painting and comments from their parents.

I have used graphite pencils and oil base pencils for this piece on a self sanded Cotman watercolour paper.

I tried to capture the boy in one of his funny moods and the girl with the spark of wonder, these are things I...

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Study for Queen Esta, 50cm x 50cm, Gouache

Esta goauche painting study

I have always been inspired by African head gears, this is a study for a bigger painting. The model is Esta, beautiful and bold.

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Study of Laurence, 17" x 13", Gouache.

goauche pastel people study tombow wash pens

I met this wonderful girl in London at Abbey Wood Bus station. I later got talking with her and she agreed to have me paint or sketch her. This study is done in Goauche with a few hints of grey tombow wash pens and pastel.

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study for urban life I

painting study urban life watercolour wax crayons winsor and newton

This is a study for a bigger painting I will be doing on a series of urban life paintings. I started this one off with watercolour but ended up with wax crayons to suggest movement and mood. You can see how I completed this on my blog with winsor and newton.

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