Alla Prima Techinque: Inside out-"Rain, Rain, Rain, Trafalgar Square"

Adebanji Alade alla prima Charing Cross demo Demonstrations Inside-Out Technique london oil on board rain Statue Trafalgar Square urban

Rain, Rain, Rain, Trafalgar Square, 10" x 8", Oil on Board, SOLD

In this post I would like to explain in full detail, my process of painting a typical Urban Rainy Day in London.
I love rainy days because of the reflections and subtle greys but most importantly, I love them because it gives me the opportunity to test my drawing skills while painting. 

Painting shape by shape in the "Inside Out"...

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Nocturnes, Night Plein Air painting in London (No 2)

alla prima guerilla thumbox landscape london London Painter night painting nocturnes oil oil on board plein air plein air nocturnes Rosemary Brushes Trafalgar Square Urban Sketching

This is another nocturne plein air I have done in London. This particular one was done on 2, 10" x 8" boards. I started off the first one then I thought it didn't justify the scene, so I decided to add another 10" x 8" board to it.

Trafalgar Square at Night, 20" x 8", Oil on board

 These are some other shots of the painting session in progress.

The First session in progress.

As I must have mentioned...

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