Sketches on the train, tube and bus in April I

Adebanji Alade biro bus drawing london London Transport people public transportation sketches tombow wash pens tube

These are some backlogs of sketches I haven't published here! Enjoy the moments! Enjoy the people from different places. London is a melting pot-a sketchers' dream!!!

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"Nothing gives me such delight while I journey from place to place within the city of London, than when I am busy...

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Sketches on the Bus, Train and Tube in November I

A6 daler-rowney sketch book ball point pen buses london people public transportation Southeastern trains tombow wash pens train tube underground `sketches

These are more of the sketches I do on a regular basis on public transport. I love this exercise and I think it is something anyone who embarks on long journeys around London should try and do at one time or the other. There are so many interesting faces on the bus, train and tube!

The human face remains to me a thing a wonder...I am on the train, I have just finished sketching an old man, then he...

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My latest video on why I am an addictive sketcher!

AFRO SERIES demo homeless london me portraits public transportation tube urban sketchers video

This was put together by MGL MEDIA and I hope you catch some inspiration from it! I'm not going to say much, just watch and enjoy the next 8 minutes! MGL MEDIA also have a blog which can be accessed by clicking HERE

"For our purposes we will define  a habit as the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge is the theoretical paradigm, the what to do and the why. Skillis the...

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Sketches on the Train, Bus and Tube in January I

bus london London Transport people people sketches public transportation Southeastern trains tube

These are some back load of sketches from last year which I haven't posted-they show everything I feel when I observe people everyday. I could catcha sleeping man three times, if he keeps changing the pose! I simply love it! I could catch a lady putting on make-up in a rush on the train-this says a lot about London life! Someone could be right there, staring at me and I'll take it on, full and...

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The Making of Rush Hour VIII, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011

demo figurative figures london oil on canvas people rush hour tube underground

Rush Hour VIII, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas, 2011 SOLD

This was one of the paintings I did earlier this year, it was part of the London Paintings Group show I had at Enid Lawson Gallery. I have posted this piece before but not with a few shots of the stages.
This post is just to show the stages I go through to paint a Rush Hour Scene. The sketching is very important and also the ability to paint the...

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