The World's End from Cremone Gardens (16) Chelsea Marathon

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This is number 16 of my series of drawings and paintings of Chelsea in London.

It's all about the Chelsea I love, the way I see Chelsea!

The World's End from Cremone Gardens (16) Chelsea Marathon, 10" x 8", Graphite on Museum mountboard

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I sat in the studio and I was trying to get some admin stuff done, then I felt this strong inclination to draw!

I just felt like grinding graphite on to Museum mountboard, it was a strong feeling, never felt that way in a long time.

The picture of the scene from where I was sitting.

So I made use of the strong feeling and just before that feeling decided to fly and fade away, I quickly grab my graphite sketching kit and go to the nearest place I can draw.

As I walk from my studio along Lots Road, I stop at Cremone Gardens, take a walk through and once I get to the end near the river bank, I look up and see these lovely buildings crowded by some really nice trees, I make up my mind, that this is going to be my sketching spot!

I do the first part, then I become hungry......

The first stage of development

Then I come back to it later on to finish it up!

Second Stage of development

I started by sketching lightly with the graphite pencils then I used the graphite dust for broad shape washes after which I finished up with strong strokes and darker lines.

"I love the look of an empty spread on my sketchbook. It gets me hungry to fill it........"-Adebanji Alade

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