War Memorial, All Saints Church Belvedere, 8" x 12", Acrylic on Canvas board, 2009

acrylic canvas board.me landscape painting plein air

Everyone wants to paint autumn scenes and I wasn't going to be left out. I have always noticed this lovely war memorial at All Saints Church, Belvedere, Kent and I always wanted to paint around this area. I like the old twisty trees and the faded rustic beauty of the church. So I decided to take this on this morning from around 9.30am to 12.30 in the afternoon. One of the ladies that works in the church even made me a warm cup of coffee after a few hours of standing in the cold!

I painted this scene with the new Winsor & Newton acrylics, they are of superb quality and they felt just like using oils. the colours are always vibrant and there aren't any colour shifts. I learnt a few lessons today- not to forget a palette knife; not to forget hand gloves in this weather; the cold doesn't kill; the more you stand working the better its gets but not without a cup of coffee; passers by offer great comments...

Below are some shots I took of the scene and set-up and some handy a passer-by took of me.

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