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I am really thrilled to get back to blogging again, it’s been a busy summer for me-I recently took part in a plein air painting Competition in London called “Pintar Rapido”- I happened to win the First Prize, you can read about it HERE ! I have also been painting in York, that was a wonderful experience-you can read my blogposts about it by clicking HERE. I have also been illustrating two children’s books which I’ll let you know about once they are published!

Hope you have kept your sketching going?

This HOT SHOT is all about the one thing we all use while sketching-THE LINE!! The line for the sketcher is the most powerful tool! If the lines can speak, the sketch will have a great IMPACT!

But this HOT SHOT is not only about LINES but also about VARYING THE WEIGHT OF YOUR LINES!

I really can’t wait to keep rambling on, but if you missed my last HOT SHOT you can click HERE, it was all about WHAT TO EMPHASIZE in your sketches.


 While sketching, the weight of each line you use, matters. If you love using lines, it’s always great to vary the weights of the lines, always keeping in mind that the heavier lines depict weight and the lighter lines more of direction and structure. The whole purpose of lines can be a language on its own and your ability to use them to communicate what you see and also what you want  people to see is really important  in The sketch inspiration!

The first video is an introduction about what the main demonstration is all about.


Now this is the main demo below, where I add the heavier lines at strategic places to bring the sketch to life!




Demo before the varying lines

It was in my first year at Yaba College of Technology that I discovered this technique. We had just started a course called, ‘General Drawing’. We were not allowed to shade our drawings for the first term. Everything we drew had to be just in simple lines, no more no less, just lines.


demo after the varying lines

It looked like a simple way of drawing, it was quite new to me but after a few assignments and tasks, I noticed how boring it was. I loved to draw but I love shading even more. Just drawing with lines didn’t hold much interest for me.

Demo set up

The first time we had a review of our works. Our tutor, Pius Egiolahmen, was looking through all the drawings during a lesson one day and he highlighted one of the drawings by my class mate, by the name Robert, He said to us all, “Take a look a Robert’s drawings, what do you notice?” We all took a hard long look and the conclusion we derived from the whole process was that Robert was able to draw a simple pack of chairs with the most interesting lines, the secret of the drawing was that he varied the weights of the lines where it mattered and it brought out the most beautiful line drawing of chairs.


Demo and the set up


Now, ever since that day my line drawings changed forever!

Example 1- here it is used in some subtle areas, can you spot them?


Its not just about making some thick and some thin. But if you do them with purpose and meaning, making sure that you are trying to depict exactly what you see, then the result is always striking and far more convincing! If you look at many of the drawings of the masters, you’ll see this concept being used. Always be on the look out!

Example 2- they are here too, a major change takes place with the line under her chin and the line that connects the chin to her lips.

Its not just about making some thick and some thin. But if you do them with purpose and meaning, making sure that you are trying to depict exactly what you see, then the result is always striking and far more convincing!

Example 3-The idea of the lines are very prominent in both of these sketches.


The first reason why a line should carry more weight is because it is carrying weight, the weight of whatever is pushing it down or on top of it. For instance if you are sketching someone sitting down and you could see their butt from behind on a stool. The line that falls in between the butt and the stool is bound to be thicker (heavier) and it can’t be the same as the lines that show the curve of the butt. See sketch below.



The second reason is, if something is facing the light, the line nearest to the light can’t be heavy because the light automatically diffuses the line but line that is in the shade would be heavy and darker, and invariably carry more weight. See sketch below


The third reason is when there is contact between two objects. I feel when two objects make contact there is a bit of friction and energy in that contact. I believe the lines where the contact takes place, cannot be the same as where the contact didn’t take place.

Example 4-this idea shows up more on the guy on the right hand side.


There are are many other reasons but its all for the “hawk-eyed” and diligent observer to discover!


Example 5- it's very highly used here, just watch those very think lines showing weight and contact.

Once the discovery is made, it should be applied!

Example 6- look at the lady on the right- can you see again how this concept works?


I love lines,  I love what they do! I love the fact that you can tell a story with a few lines. But isn’t it boring if a story was told with the same voice tone…….now that would be flat! But if the story teller went high with their voice when needed and low during melancholy periods and back to normal when the story continued at a steady pace. It would be pleasing to the ear and it would keep the listener at full attention.


Example 7- its more prominent here with the lady on the left.

I hope you get the gist of this and hope you can give it a go! It’s left to each individual artist to discover what works for them!


Example 8- look at the man's head in the corner-watch out for the varying weights of the lines.

This has worked and still works for me I hope it will work for you!


Example 9- almost shouting out for attention with the guy on the left.

If you have enjoyed this post, please share, like, post, just everything to get the word out there and lets share the Sketch Inspiration to the world!!!!

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