Plein air Painting at Westfield Park, Chelsea...

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It was such a great feeling yesterday when the first rays of the spring sun came up!!

I raced out of the studio to capture the feeling of the warm springlight.

I was so thrilled to go out that I forgot my paints the first time, I had to run back and tell a stranger to stay looking at my set up!

When I finally got down to business it was such a great relief to be painting outdoor again! And now it can only get better!

These are some of the pictures:

Spring Morninglight Westfield Park, Chelsea, 10" x 8", Oil on Board

If  you are interested in purchasing this piece please click HERE
The set up with my colours arranged with the light Stradamini
The location 
Halfway through-notice the abstract feel.
Addding the finishing touches
"Life begats life-If you want to add life to paintings get out into the real life and do it!!-Addictive Sketcher

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