Updates from my Art World VII (October 2016)

BBC Ely leslie ash plein air short films sketches Sketches on Public transport sketching The One Show

1. Sketching on Public Transport

Sketches of people on public Transport done with Lyra Coloured Pencil.

More sketches

and even more sketches

Another page from my sketchbook in October 

A close-up view of me sketching with Lyra Coloured Pencils.

This page was done with a brown ball point pen and TOMBOW dual was pens

2. Painting with Friends of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters at Ely

picture of 2 paintings I did at Ely with brushes used.

This is the first painting I did on the day.

This was the second painting I did on the day.

I get served biscuits and tea while painting a lovely scene in Ely by one of he Boat Owners. 

3. The One Show-Painting and interviewing Leslie Ash

This is the poster for the The One Show-Where I paint Leslie Ash

Above is the short clip shown on The One Show-where I paint and interview Leslie Ash

There is another film on the way, I did the recording and I let you know when it is out in the future.

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