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This is another great hot-shot! Here I’ll be sharing a little bit about the concept of letting who you are show through your sketches. Every artist has something special about them, something that makes them unique.

This part of us should be showing through in our sketches! My last post was about Squinting and seeing shapes, click HERE if missed this post.




“While sketching there’s something you mustn’t forget- you mustn’t forget to put a little bit of yourself in what you are doing. There’s definitely something unique about you and you want that to always shine through. Don’t force it! It’s by constant practice that it naturally evolves, but also, don’t be afraid to express your personality in whatever you do, it’s the spirit behind sketching, it the core idea behind what you do.”

The Demo-Let your uniqueness show in your sketches

The Demo pic

While sketching there’s always something about us that is different from every other person who sketches.  I don’t believe two artists sketches’ can be the same or be executed in  a similar fashion. Something is always in there that would stand out as different and UNIQUE!

Pelican Sketch

Pelican sketch 1- look out for those things that make this sketch unique

Some of us like to sketch fast, others like to sketch slow, others are more interested in the network of lines, others are interested in  shapes, and you’ll see that it’s the particular area that they are really passionate about, that would shine through.

Pelican sketch II- It's all about lines and movement!

You must discover that part that you are passionate about and you’ll notice more than often that this would be an area where you can almost fashion out yourself, having a very distinct way of expressing that area. It would come naturally to you and you’ll be amazed how it sets you and how your work, apart.

Train sketches- again, it's all about delicate lines and fliuid strokes!

For me, I am a someone that loves to move about, an active and energetic person and I love lines! Now you’ll notice in my sketches that my lines really express that side of me. Since I know this I also do my best to enhance this area, always looking for different ways to exaggerate this too. I want to enteratin with my sketches, I want tell stories with lines!

You don’t need to force it but the secret is something you already know I am going to say……Practice, practice, practice…..draw, draw draw…. you must cover the mileage or distance with your pen or pencil. If you keep sketching on a constant basis, you’ll discover somethings you just happen to do spontaneously and naturally.

Trees Study- Look at the animated feel in those trees- I constantly flicked my pencil up and and down and out and around to produce the feeling of those spikey leaves.

Always have a notebook to reflect and record your feelings and how you react to certain subjects too. Constantly look back through your sketches and think of three or four words that capture the way you sketch. For me some words that come up are delicate, fluid, energetic, sensitive.

The relationship between these words and who I am are not far apart. They show through in my sketches.

So, the goal here is to let it flow, let who you are shine through, don’t imitate, practice, reflect and record! Let this become a habit!

Horse Sketch- You can feel that movement in the sketch!

Ask yourself questions, like, “Why do I like to start this way?” “Why do I hold my pen this way?” “Why do I like to overlook this and enhance that?” “Why do I feel confident when it comes to this particular area?” “Why are my marks this way or that way?”

Question everything you do! It helps you to discover more about yourself and it also helps you to look inward and allow who you are to  gradually come out and this would keep you sketching every day because you’ll always want to discover something new!

Pelican Sketch III

I love movement, I love to see how artists express movement. I love the network of lines! There are so many qualities a line can have- rhythm, pace, speeed, flow, interaction….Sometimes while sketching. I think of myself as a sculptor and sometimes as a designer, sometimes as a dancer! Sketching brings so much out from within, it’s pure expression and you should love every bit of letting who you are shine through in whatever you do!

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