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Today, I’m excited, I have got a new short documentary about  “Life Lessons from an Artist” and a step by step demo of a portrait I did without a drawing.


First, it’s all about the film, in 2012- The Life of an Artist was released, today it has has over half a million views, it has inspired many to take up sketching again and for many it has  sparked a revival of getting them back to doing what they really love to do. Seven years after, another film is here! This time it focuses in some of the lessons I have learnt over the past seven years and what I have been able to achieve. My message is clear-BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, NEVER GIVE UP and NEVER LET FAILURE drag you down. There are also tips for aspiring plein air painters and lots more, so enjoy this, get a cup of coffee, it is only 10 minutes but it will be worth every minute .

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HOT SHOT 26- An Urban Landscape Process and a Workshop date in London

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Adebanji Alade's One Day Urban Landscape Workshop in London.

Adebanji Alade’s One Day Urban Landscape Workshop in London.

Hi guys, I am back here again, this time with a process of how I paint an Urban Landscape using the INSIDE OUT method. In this method I start from one spot and continue to flow through the who painting, bring each phase to completion as I go along. I also have a date and venue set for my Urban Landscape Workshop this Saturday in London, make it a date. I’ll talk about that at the end of this post.

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