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Hi there, I’m back with the HOT SHOTS and this time I have the first part of a series that looks into my sketchbooks and gives you an idea of what I’m thinking about and why I choose to sketch certain people I meet on public transport.

Towards the end of the post I’ll also send you some links to some recent stuff I have been involved in.

But for now lets start on HOT SHOT 22- Using your sketchbook as a journal.


22. It is important to express exactly how you feel in writing while using your sketchbook. Sometimes you can write down what inspired you , what you experienced while sketching and whether or not you were pleased with the outcome at the end of the sketch. These experiences bring back great memories after a while and can be a springboard to producing some new and fresh work while go through them. Our thoughts as sketchers are powerful , our ideas are precious and verbalizing them only adds more power to your sketches, try it out today!


Sketch page spread 1

Sketch page spread 1


It’s always great to put a few lines here and there. Just let your creatives juices continue to flow. Think about what excites you, think about what animates you, think about what spurs you into action.

Sketch page-spread 2

Sketch page-spread 2

Sometimes you might want to say what went right about the sketch or what went wrong. Sometimes you might want to write about some ways in which you plan to improve on these kind of sketches in the future.


Sketch page-spread 3

Sketch page-spread 3

The great thing about keeping a few lines close to the sketch is because it also helps others who may have access to your sketchbook, long after you have gone to understand the thoughts and ideas that went through your mind at the time you sketched the piece. This is really precious information and would be of great value now and even in years to come.


Sketch page-spread 4

Sketch page-spread 4

Sometimes it may happen that you never get any kind of inspiration and you have forgotten what excited you or what excites you about particular subjects, this is the time to go back through some of your sketchbooks where you have written a lot useful  of information about the subject matter that you have worked on.


Finally it just adds a great creative variety to your pages and makes it more interesting to view and understand.


Please try using your sketchbook as a journal and lets hear what your experience was like.



  1. Started doing MOTIVATIONAL videos for creative people.  I call them “THANK GOD IT’S CHOOSE-DAY” -they are released most Tuesdays!


2. Started doing PRESENTATIONS of  other Artists work on THE ONE SHOW.


3. Did a whole series of portraits for the ONE SHOW, It was titled A BRUSH with fame.


I hope you have enjoyed this HOT SHOT on using you Sketchbook as a journal.

Don’t forget I do One to One Coaching, if you are interested, please drop me a line.

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