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We are getting closer to the demos now and I have almost exhausted the preliminary intros, but just before we get into the  demos and other great things ahead, I would like to share with you, my HOT SHOT number 6-Which is MAKE IT A DAILY HABIT!!!

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Make it a daily habit!

Please this is what makes the difference between the casual and the committed.

One thing that has helped me all these years is a non stop habit of sketching people wherever I found myself and I have loads of sketchbooks over the years filled with people in different settings from different walks of life and from different countries.

Even though I loose focus at times, I have never stopped sketching on a constant basis and this is the real shot of the sketch- inspiration, you must commit to an everyday business.

Even if you stop. Just forgive yourself, pick up your pencil and start again! Those plain pages are begging for your creativity! Don’t leave them bare!



A homeless guy I sketched on Saturday


and the sketch below

Sketch of Homeless man around Kings Road

The sketch above was done on Saturday afternoon. As I was walking down Kings Road around Chelsea, I remembered I hadn’t sketched that day. I saw a homeless guy, someone I who I had sketched before. But I thought, he doesn’t have his Rasta hair again, I’ll try a new version of him. Click HERE to see my old version.

So, after asking politely and offering some help, I sat on the pavement and knocked this off! It was cold, but when I sketch I feel warm inside! I feel fulfilled for the day! And I strongly believe you can feel this way too.


Look, I didn’t even have my sketchbook on me that day but luckily I had my jotter! A life saver!! So, even though the paper had all sorts of problems, it was no hindrance to the daily affair!


So get at it everyday and make sure it’s something from life!!



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