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This time around we are going be talking about HOT SHOT 4 and 5, and it is based on   “What to Sketch”.

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 Start sketching anything around you, what you see around your most immediate environment. But just make sure you are doing it from life.


This is the beginning of you being able to see the 3 dimensional and convert it through your sketch eyes to the 2 dimensional on your paper. 



Completed Sketch of Statue at Hyde Park Corner in Pen, Ink, Gouache and Acrylic


Adebanji sketching Statue at Hyde Park Corner-The 3 dimensional becomes 2 dimensional




Sketch what interests you. While in Nigeria, I was obsessed with cows, the cows from Northern Nigeria, they had the most amazing forms and structure, I loved the way they carried themselves and moved- so I’d set myself up to following them wherever I could.


It was out of pure passion and I developed sketch pads full of these interesting animals. So you also need to sketch what interests you. If you love trees go to parks, if you love people go to places where people sit and relax- cafes, bus stops, airport waiting rooms, public transport. Just make sure you are somewhere where you can sketch what you love or what interests you.


This page reveals much of my love for faces, the writing may show how I felt, where I started and where I finished it


I sketched this guy in so many sleeping positions, without a passion for faces, I would give up as kept moving


The main thing here is to sketch what you love-it’s just a nice way to explore the subject a bit more!

Thanks once again for reading this post, hope this has got you choosing what to  sketch,  if you have, please  let me know what you have decided to sketch and comment below and also like, tweet and share it by clicking the social media buttons below. Thanks Smile

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