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Sketch inspiration is a revolution!

This revolution is my personal package-that has changed the way I see. It has changed the way I approach my art. Everything I see and everything I do – is broken down and simplified into the Sketch! That’s why I call it -The sketch inspiration!

It’s a privilege to share this great change with everyone out there on what has helped me and what has worked for me the past 20 years of sketching.

I first discovered  this potential in 1992  in Nigeria, in my  first year at College, when my friend gave a book by Alywn Crawshaw on “sketching” and it got triggered in 2004/5 while at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art in Chelsea, when my Instructor gave us the great task of taking the model for the day on the  tube on the circle line instead of painting from the model in the studio.

All through these years, only one thing has affected my development as  artist greatly, and it’s seeing everything, even painting, as a sketch.

Seeing and executing anything through the sketch-eyes, is what the sketch inspiration is all about!

Hope you enjoy seeing life through the sketch inspiration – every artist has their own philosophy and this not the only way to see, it’s just another way to see, which can be added to your already acquired artillery of knowledge and skills improving yourself as a representational artist.

Even if you are a designer or architect or art teacher or just an enthusiast- you will benefit greatly from  the sketch inspiration!



I  have  loads of sketch inspiration bullet points that would fire you up to attack your art with vigour, passion, motivation and energy. I’ll be starting from the basic stuff and gradually get on to more.

So stay tuned and enjoy this great journey with me!

I call them Adebanji Alade’s Sketch Inspiration  HOT -SHOTS





The first and the most important thing is to get yourself a sketchbook. The size is up to you. I like a small size for the sketches I do on public transport. It’s one that’s A6 size- 4″ x 6″ approx.  It’s made by Daler Rowney.

Stack of A6 sketchbooks


My current sketchbooks



Try and get one that is somehow inexpensive, I say inexpensive, but please try and get one with acid free paper. It would last longer and it would pay better in the long run. But if that’s going to hinder you, get yourself any sketchbook and make sure you have enough to waste.

I use the words “waste” because I don’t want you to stop sketching because you find it hard to get a sketch book.

You must be able to have something at all times to sketch on and it’s nice it’s not just going to be a scraps of paper but in a sketchbook so that you can refer to them and have them compiled in one place.


my current sketchbooks opened


Different sketchbooks


Cheap ones I used to start years ago-I really wanted to sketch by all means and I didn't have the luxury of spending much on proper sketchbooks, so I used these 15p jotters when I started, I must have used up to 25 of them but it kept me busy and was cheap!

Always try out different brands and different paper and settle for one that you are most comfortable with. Your sketchbook is a very valuable tool and you’ll be able to see your progress through the years when you journey through them!

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