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Today we we are going to talk about HOT SHOT 3, if you missed HOT SHOT 1, 2 click here to read it.



What you sketch with, is very important- in fact, this would be one of the main things that will determine whether you’ll keep sketching or not through the years, because what you use to sketch becomes an extension of your sketching hand.


You need to practice with every kind of material you can lay your hands on. Pencil, charcoal, charcoal pencil, ball point pens, felt tips, micro nib pens. Coloured pencils, brush pens etc.


Go to the shops and get a host of these things and just try the out and see which one you are comfortable with.


What you’ll be looking for is something that makes you want to sketch with it more. It’s that flow, that natural affinity to the medium that you are looking out for. Because the reality is: there’s always something that suits each one of us better.




Below are my best sketch materials- if you are conversant with my public transport sketches, you’ll notice I love using the BIC ball point pen and the N75 TOMBOW Dual Brush Pen cool grey one. These two tools have become my favourite sketching tools and an extension of my sketching hand.


Ball point pen sketching kit. I use the pen for the lines and the TOMBOW Dual pen for the tones.


Below is my graphite sketching kit. I use a chunky graphite stick and a mechanical pencil.

My Graphite sketching tool kit- the chunky graphite is used for the tones while the mechanical pencil for the lines.

The main thing is having one sketching tool for broad strokes and tones and another for details.  So basically you are sketching with two pens or pencils at the same time. For me it makes life easier!

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