A Marathon of Sketches on London's Public Transport May I

150 years on the underground A6 daler-rowney sketch book Adebanji Alade ball point pen london sketch tutorials tips on sketching people on public transport tombow wash pens `sketches

Enjoy and travel along with me as you go through these sketches all done on either the tube, train, bus or bus stops.

I am always armed with my sketchbook, ball point pen and a grey TOMBOW wash pen.

Anyone that catches my attention gets into my books- Sometimes I get to sketch the same people over and over again!

It's a great experience! I get to talk to people, share what I do and sometimes I end up sending the images to them if they so request!

It's a sort of addiction or should I say passion!

  Remember-For tips and tutorials on my sketching techniques, click HERE and sign up!

"The other day I sketched and I put a smile on someones face, another gave me a wink, and one couldn't but hold it back, she said-"you are doing a good job"-Adebanji Alade

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