Bath Revisited-Competition Winner, The Review and Some paintings

Bath Experience Bath Marathon competition exhibition Peter Brown review

Last year I set up a competition on one of my posts after meeting the inspirational Peter Brown. The question to be answered was to decode the inspirational message Peter Brown wrote on his Exhibition catalogue for me. Laurie won! She decoded the message and her prize was that she would win a 6" x 8" painting of any location of her choice. She chose the Back of Pulteney Bridge at Bathand I...

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Some artists that caught my attention at the Bath Prize 2010

Bath Experience exhibition review The Bath Prize

Judges (Artists) with Winning piece.

The Bath Prize is running for the second year and it was great to see an exhibition that featured wonderful works of art to celebrate Bath, a world heritage City. This year I didn't take part but I was part of the judging panel which consisted of Bath gallery owner and artist Nick Cudworth, who was the chair, The Bath Chronicle Editor, Sam Holliday, The...

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