The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 12

acrylic Arsenal Arsenal Fan Barclays Premiership ink mixed media

Number 12-The Agony and the Ecstasy

This painting was done in acrylics and ink, It shows an Arsenal fan(I used myself as the model)- by taking pictures of myself in both moods, joyful and then in despair. I planned the composition to reveal both moods but allowing the joyful mood to prevail. It was done in 2 days but took weeks and weeks of planning and thinking. The results came on the 1st of...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 5

coloured pencil gouache ink The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career watercolour wax crayons

Number 5-Drizzly Day on Fleet Street

Some people may want to know why I am featuring these works. It's a way of documenting some of the works that I have done in the past few years before I celebrated my 40th Birthday in February. I'll be featuring these 40 works and some stories of how they were made, where they were exhibited and the effect they had on my career.

This was piece captured on Fleet...

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"Peter and Paul"-The Flying Moleskins 12" x 9", mixed media on paper

biro colored pencils graphite ink mixed media oil base pencil the flying moleskins wax crayons

This is my entry into James Parker's world of Wildlife. It's part of the Flying Moleskins exchange between 13 artists

I know James is sooo funny, so I decided to sketch these funny looking animals from the London Zoo. I forgot to take note of what actually they are called, so, can someone help me out?

I have called them Peter and Paul!

For this piece I have used graphite, ink, tom bow wash pens, ball...

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AFRO HEADGEAR II, 12" x 16", Mixed Media on Pastel Paper, 2009 (SOLD)

acrylic African Headgear AFRO HEADGEAR SERIES charcoal charcoal dust ink mixed media oil base pencil

This is makes number 2 in my current series of African Headgears.

I'm exploring this series from all angles and will use all forms of media to get my message across, even wax and possibly clay.

For this piece, I had as my model a lovely lady I met at a friends wedding. She naturally took this pose and that was it!

I have used charcoal dust, ink washes, acrylic washes, white ink and oil base pencil...

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Static Motion, 16" x 18", Mixed media on paper

acrylic charcoal coloured pencil DSFDF ink Karin Jurick

This is my entry into Karin Jurick's DSFDF!

Some of you might know why I have interpreted this as a boxer, who has lost 2 rounds and is almost knocked off balance! He is sitting down at the interval before the third round, looking dazed. He has just escaped a knock out and he is feeling the pain! Thoughts are running through his head....Can I go on? Is it worth it? Should I just throw in the...

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