The African Wrapper II, 8" x 11.5", Graphite and charcoal dust on museum mount board (The Process)

Adebanji Alade African Influence African Wrapper charcoal dust daily paintworks drawing graphite mechanical pencil museum mount cardboard

This is another one of my African Wrapper Series.

The African Wrapper is popularly worn by African women and it is a notable feature in the fashion of who we are as a people. 

The African Wrapper II, 8.5" x 11", Graphite and charcoal dust on museum mount board

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I have positioned the model here to reveal a bit of elegance and sudden spontaneity for the piece to...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 23, 24

acrylic art therapy emotions exhibition me mechanical pencil oil base pencil sanguine dust self portrait sepia dust The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career watercolour paper


"Art Therapy"(self portrait) 24" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

I remember at the time I did this piece I was doing a bit of research on Art Therapy and I used myself as the model to depict the surge of hope and spark of life that Art Therapy can bring into an individuals life. The individual may be finding it hard to cope with various negative symptoms and experiences in life,...

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EMOTIONS VIII, 10" x 8", Graphite on Heavy watercolour paper, 2009

drawing emotions graphite mechanical pencil watercolour paper

This is number 8 in my current series on emotions.

The emphasis is on human emotions. I played a lot of American Snooker and Pool with my friends when I used to work with St Mungos. I co-ordinated activities and games, one of those games was Monday night pool- it was highly competitive and emotions flew high as there were great prizes at stake and prestige to loose or gain, a new champion to emerge...

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EMOTIONS V, Oil based pencil/Sanguine & Sepia dust, 8" x 10", 2009 SOLD

emotions mechanical pencil oil base pencil sanguine dust sepia dust

This guy is one of the great buskers around, these are the guys that play on the trains and tubes to make music while the commuters drop a few coins in appreciation. I worked with him at St Mungos and he was very much interested in art too, he worked in coloured pencils.

He makes number 5 in my current emotion series, which is all about human emotions.

I started this by ghosting the dust on the...

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