The African Headgear III, 8.5" x 11", Mixed Media on Card.

African Headgear African Influence canson ccard coloured pencil drawing Feminine mixed media oil pastel pastel people portraits wax crayons

This is the third piece in my series of paintings and drawings to celebrate the beauty of the African Headgear.

This particular piece all started off without any preliminary drawing, I just decided to go into into it with the pastels used with the broad side.

THE AFRICAN HEADGEAR III, 8.5" x 11", Pastel, Crayons, Coloured pencil and Oil Pastel on Canson Card, 2013    

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AFRO XXIX, 9" x 11", Pastel, 2010

AFRO SERIES Kezia pastel

This is number 29 of my current Afro Series. The model here is my 9 month old daughter Kezia.

This series focuses on the variety and beauty of natural black Afro hair.

I have gone a bit wild with my colours here, and that's one of the advantages of pastel. You don't need to mix, it's just pick, paste and go! For this I used the 72 Soft Pastel set by Winsor & Newton on a thick watercolour paper...

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Cuteee, 20" x 16", coloured dust and coloured pencils on watercolour paper, 2009

coloured pencils pastel sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour paper

This is another commission, I got this one while sketching my beloved tree II. This couple stopped while driving past and were quite impressed with my sketching in such cold conditions, they asked if I did portraits and I affirmed, they had a look at my sketchpad and agreed to have me do this piece of their granddaughter. I have had many good experiences when delivering portraits, but nothing came...

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Lady Tee, 16" x 16", Coloured dust and coloured pencils, 2009

coloured pencils drawing mixed media pastel sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour paper

This is the second commission done and dusted. If you've been reading this blog you'll remember my post on the little boy. Well this is his mum and that makes two out of 4 done! Yeee pee! I'm taking the bull by the horn now and I am really learning new possibilities with this Coloured(sepia, sanguine, black) dust and coloured pencils medium.

This one went through some changes but now the client is...

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AFRO XXV, 8" x 11", Mixed Media on Watercolour paper, 2009

AFRO SERIES oil base pencil pastel watercolour watercolour paper wax crayons

This makes number 25 in my current Afro Series. This time it was inspired by the weekly challenge on Karin Juricks DSFDF.

I wanted to show the contrast between this sweet little girl who attends my Sunday School class and the wigged mannequins in the background. But she kind of stands boldly as if to say, " I am also.............." I won't give it all way....

Now this was done first by mixing grey...

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