The Making of Rain, Reflections and The Lady in Red

alla prima demo Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition landscape landscape painting london oil oil on board rain reflections urban life

Rain, Refections and The Lady in red, 8" x 10", Oil on Board. 

This is a little 8" x10" painting I did a while back and posted under the title-The Power of Red-of a wet London scene. Every now and then apart from posting the work I do or work that I am currently working on. I also like to share the stages I go through to produce some of these paintings. This particular painting was painted entirely...

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The Great British Summer Showers!!!

alla prima Enid Lawson Gallery figurative figures london oil on board oil on canvas people rain

Summer Showers Sloane Square,  24" x 20", oil on canvas

We have already had all the rain that we could ever think of or get this summer but it ain't over yet! It seems there's a lot more ahead and to celebrate this "down pour" I have decided to post these two paintings that feature rain but with a  bit of colour and beauty to lighten up the days ahead! Don't forget your brollies even if it shines...

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Early Morning Light, Hyde Park Corner, 14" x 10", Oil on Board, 2011

Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition london oil on board

Early Morning Light, Hyde Park Corner, 14" x 10", Oil on board SOLD

This is a painting of a scene I caught on an early morning bus ride. It's always great to be armed with some sort of camera device, because there are some scenes that one cannot just get right on the spot and that's where the camera comes in really handy.
I just loved the mysterious darks and greys in the scene, coupled with the...

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Paintings of London IV (The making of "Evening Light, Leadenhall Market II" )

demo Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition london oil on canvas people

This is another painting that featured in my just concluded group exhibition of Paintings of London at Enid Lawson Gallery. The painting is another after work series on Leadenhall Market, my first one can be seen HERE.

Evening Light, Leadenhall Market II, 24" x 30", Oil on Canvas, 2011 SOLD

The Leadenhall Market is a beautiful spot in the City of London and I'll love to do more on this series.


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Paintings of London III ( 3 Plein Air Paintings)

alla prima Enid Lawson Gallery exhibition london oil on board plein air

I have been all busy this month but I'm back on track to post more paintings from my current group exhibition at Enid Lawson Gallery.
Here I am focusing on 3 plein air paintings, I have got in the show.

Evening Light, Earls Court

Evening Light, Earl's Court, 10" x 8", oil on board, 2011 SOLD

Here I was geared up to capture a very busy road in London, it took a bit of boldness to pitch my easel right...

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