"The 22nd Anniversary", 24" x 20", Oil Base Pencil, 2009

commission oil base pencil poeple portraits watercolour paper

This is another commission completed and delivered with the client pleased. The clients were their children and they gave it as a gift to their parents!

I have used medium, soft and extra soft oil base pencils on a smooth artistico fabriano watercolour paper. I really liked the smooth absorbent texture of the paper and the way the oil base pencil marks appear on the paper.

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Sketches on the TRAIN/TUBE

london poeple sketches train tube visual journal

These are just some of the sketches I make everyday on way to and from work, I started in 2005 and I seem to have become a bit addicted now. I always position myself in a place where I can get a good view and not become a nuance to the person I am sketching.

Sometimes people still see me, have a look at it and have requested for it. When I like it so much I tell them that I can't tear it out for...

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