The Face of Homelessnes, Clapham Common

acrylic alla prima charcoal FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless oil base pencil oil on canvas board portraits sanguine dust sepia dust

This is another one of my series of portraits on the Face of Homelessness. I worked with this guy for close to 3 years while working for the homeless and we were able to share different passions. He liked art, bowling and most of all pool. He was very competitive and so was I, he'd been on the streets for a long while before he was discovered and he also had a wonderful dog. I have added him to...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 23, 24

acrylic art therapy emotions exhibition me mechanical pencil oil base pencil sanguine dust self portrait sepia dust The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career watercolour paper


"Art Therapy"(self portrait) 24" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

I remember at the time I did this piece I was doing a bit of research on Art Therapy and I used myself as the model to depict the surge of hope and spark of life that Art Therapy can bring into an individuals life. The individual may be finding it hard to cope with various negative symptoms and experiences in life,...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 18

AFRO SERIES coloured pencils sanguine dust sanguine oil base pencil The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career

Number 18- AFRO XX

This piece comes from my AFRO SERIES, a series which I am still currently working on. This series emphasizes the beauty of natural black hair.

I can clearly remember I met a lovely lady, during a weekend in the winter of 2008 and she had a nice looking Afro, not the kind you'll always see. I looked once and twice....then got the courage to ask if she'll like to be in my current...

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Just the 2 of Us, 28" x 21", Coloured Pencil/Sanguine & Sepia Dust, 2009

coloured pencil commission portraits sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour paper

And finally here comes the last one! Those who have been following will remember the little boy, his mum and dad, now it just mum and dad. This one had to have a vignette feel to it so it wouldn't look overworked and after a few adjustments here and there, it's finally been verified!

This was done with Coloured pencils with sanguine and sepia dust.

Thanks for all who have voted, I am sure this might...

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The Smith Grandchildren, 16" x 20", Sanguine &Sepia dust and coloured pencils, 2009

coloured pencil commission sanguine dust sepia dust watercolour paper

This commission came from the same lady who commissioned Cutee. This was a real test because she only had a very small picture (5x7) of 4 of them standing in a row, I had to work with some extra effort to get this one done. I'm happy because today it was completed and verified!

This was done with sanguine and sepia dust with coloured pencils from the red/brown family on heavy watercolour paper.

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