Childhood Joys, 16" x 16", Brown and Sanguine coloured pencils, 2010

children commission drawing sanguine coloured pencil

This is a recent commission I completed and his parents were pleased with the result. I have actually drawn all other members of this family last year. Then this little boy was added to the family, his parents waited for him to gain some good stable features-evolving in to a boyish face and now he was ready for his portrait. Click HERE for the link to his dad's piece

I used three Faber Castell...

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Sanguinely Spirited

drawing sanguine coloured pencil

This is an energetic drawing of my good old friend "Punk Alan". We have had the best and the worst of times but we still are the best of mates. We play pool and nobody ever wants to loose, that sets the tempo high and we begin to fly...........
This was done with Pastel dust (Creta Color Sanguine powder) and Coloured pencils (Lyra Skin tone chunky coloured pencils).

It was done on a heavy...

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sanguine coloured pencil sketches Small girl

This is Kimberly, my friend Dave at work kept being on my neck to sketch him the only recent picture he had of his daughter- to put in his room wall. So on Thursday last week with a sanguine coloured pencil I sketched it without grids in 2 hours ! He was really pleased with it!

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