My latest video on why I am an addictive sketcher!

AFRO SERIES demo homeless london me portraits public transportation tube urban sketchers video

This was put together by MGL MEDIA and I hope you catch some inspiration from it! I'm not going to say much, just watch and enjoy the next 8 minutes! MGL MEDIA also have a blog which can be accessed by clicking HERE

"For our purposes we will define  a habit as the intersection of knowledge, skill and desire. Knowledge is the theoretical paradigm, the what to do and the why. Skillis the...

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The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career 23, 24

acrylic art therapy emotions exhibition me mechanical pencil oil base pencil sanguine dust self portrait sepia dust The Story Behind 40 works that changed my career watercolour paper


"Art Therapy"(self portrait) 24" x 24", Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

I remember at the time I did this piece I was doing a bit of research on Art Therapy and I used myself as the model to depict the surge of hope and spark of life that Art Therapy can bring into an individuals life. The individual may be finding it hard to cope with various negative symptoms and experiences in life,...

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6 x 8 alla prima Bath Experience Bath Marathon landscape painting me oil on board plein air

It was a wonderful day, I had a shot(painting) at the Circus from Gay Street the day before. Up till that moment I had never seen the Circus,but my little experience from the day before, gave me a vivid impression that the Circus was worth exploring!

"Easel does it by Jess Loughborough "SUNFACE13"

On the 21st of September I got out of my bed while the sun was shining with a glorious morning light...

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MAKING A MARK AWARDS-Adebanji wins The Painting Plein Air Plus Award 2010

Awards landscape painting making a mark me oil on board plein air urban life

Painting in the cold snow around Chelsea- painting in progress, notice the bits with sketchy marks-once I got the sketch right, I just painted shape by shape till I covered the whole piece. I'll be posting the full details of this piece in the New Year.

I'm so happy to end the year with an Award that I really cherish. Earlier this year I won the Chelsea Riverside Competition, organised by Heatherle...

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Chelsea World's End II, 10" x 12", Oil on Canvas, 2010

alla prima chelsea landscape painting me oil on canvas plein air

Chelsea Worlds End II (Sold)

There's so much I haven't been able to post and I'll be playing catch up for now, especially with my public transport sketches. This particular painting was done on the 11th of October this year! I was in the middle of preparing for the Affordable Art Fair. The weather was great so I decided to pop out of my studio for a plein air break, sometimes the confines of the...

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