MAKING A MARK AWARDS- Adebanji wins The Travel with a Sketchbook Trophy 2012

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Adebanji's Sketches on Public transport 1
It's a great way to start the year and I see this year as a fresh sketchbook page spread- ready to be filled up with abundant creativity! There's really nothing as great as looking at the pages of a brand new sketchbook! When I see a fresh page, it makes me tick, and I just feel like filling it up! It's a great feeling! Looking back at my old sketchbooks,...

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Sketches on the tube, train and bus in March III (And some great news)

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These are some recent sketches I have done on public transport. I am also happy to introduce you to the New blog-Urban Sketchers London, and also The New Book The Art of Urban Sketching in which I am featured (I think the first Print has already sold out, so they are in the process of a second print-that's why the amazon price is a bit expensive at the moment). Also I have a short 7 minute videoth...

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Sketches on the Tube, Train and Bus in February I (Plus Video of Sketching the Sketcher)

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These are some of my recent sketches on public transport. The sketch has always been my constant method of understanding and grasping everything that art is about. For me it all starts with a sketch.

What are the qualities of a sketch/sketcher?

I tried to think of some of the things I carry along into each sketch I make and thought of breaking it down into the very word S-K-E-T-C-H

S-It must have spi...

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