Adebanji Alade Essaouira Morocco painting holiday plein air

I am very pleased to announce that I would be having a very cool painting holiday in Essaouira,  Morocco from the 10th -18th of October, 2020.
Adebanji bathed in the British Sun, Lets do it in Morocco!

For FULL DETAILS of the PAINTING HOLIDAY please visit the WEBSITE by clicking HERE.

It's a great opportunity to paint alongside me and watch the ocassional demo in this lovely town of Morocco

Let's do...

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Updates from my Art World July 2017

Christie's Nigerian sketches oil on board plein air sketches of trees Sketches on Public transport Sloane Square studio painting

1. Sketching on Public Transport

Met this great dude, we laughed, hugged and I sketched him!

2.  One to One Coaching with Gary Westall

Gary's Final Painting
3. Plein Air at Sloane Square

4. Sketches my beloved Trees

5. Studio painting on The Easel.

6. Visit to Christies

7/ Reflecting on some of my sketches in the 90's while at Nigeria.

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Updates from My Art World June 2017

Albert Bridge Borough High Street bury Chelsea Embankment Constable in Brighton June Mendoza Mozart One to One Tutoring Pimlico plein air Richmond Sketch on Public Transport sketches War Memorial

1. Sketches on Public Transport

2. Plein Air Painting

1. Borough High Street

2. Chelsea Embankment

3. Pimlico

4. Albert Bridge at Night

5. Hyde Park Memorial Statues

6. My Basic Plein Air Kit

3. Visited June Mendoza at her studio, she is so prolific!! This visit was arranged by the ROI for the friends of the ROI.

4. One to One Plein Air Coaching with Gary Westall.

5. The Constable in Brighton Film was on...

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Updates from My Art World May 2017

Albert Bridge Banksy Constable in Brighton Heatherleys North End Market plein air Sketches on Public transport Teaching The Art Academy The Artists Magazine The One Show Voice Overs Walter Daniell

1. Sketches on public Transport

2. Painting around Sloane Square, The Royal Court Theatre

3. Teaching at Hewatherleys and The Art Academy.

4. Article in the Artists Magazine on being a Wedding Sketchographer and the 7th feature of my Motivational tips for artists, "Sort Out Your Mind".

5. Featured on The One Show for a short film on William Daniell

6. I did a recording for The One Show on a short film...

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Updates from my Art World XI (February 2017)

Adebanji Alade London Rain paintings paintings plein air sketches The One Show

1. Sketching on Public Transport

2. Plein Air at Sloane Square.

3. Adebanji presents "My Dad The Ad Man" on the One Show- BBC One.

4. Adebanji presents from Dot to Dot on the One Show-BBC One

5. Voice Overs for a new short film coming up!

6.  The Day it Rained Charing Cross Road

The Day It Rained, Charimg Cross Road, 24" x 20", Oil on Canvas.

Detail of the work in progress with palette.

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