Updates from my Art World July 2017

Christie's Nigerian sketches oil on board plein air sketches of trees Sketches on Public transport Sloane Square studio painting

1. Sketching on Public Transport

Met this great dude, we laughed, hugged and I sketched him!

2.  One to One Coaching with Gary Westall

Gary's Final Painting
3. Plein Air at Sloane Square

4. Sketches my beloved Trees

5. Studio painting on The Easel.

6. Visit to Christies

7/ Reflecting on some of my sketches in the 90's while at Nigeria.

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Urban Shadow Highlights- Series 8-12 (5 paintings) Oil on board

Adebanji Alade alla prima figures Harpenden light and shade london oil on board oil on gessoed card people plein air public transportation Rickshaw studio painting Taxis Urban Shadow Highlights

 In all these paintings, the main subject is LIGHT! Once there's light, there's bound to be shadows! I love highlights and shadows!

The effect they have in urban space and settings is what this retrospective series of 5 paintings (mainly of London) is all  about. 

Light has colour, it has atmosphere and it has a life of it's own! The ability to capture this remains the task and duty of the artist,...

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