"My Life is Messed Up" 7" x 5", mixed Media, 2011 (The Flying Moleskins)

coloured pencil gouache homeless mixed media pen and ink the flying moleskins watercolour watercolour paper

This was my contribution to Deans Sketchbook in a Sketchbook exchange, called Flying Moleskins, that I have participating in for the past year. He said we could put anything into his book and I always like to capture homeless people, so this was a great opportunity to express some of my deepest feelings for these folk. After working with them at St Mungo's for 9 years, I have met so many and...

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Sketch of Romney Road Greenwich, 16" x 12", Pen and Ink, 2009

cityscape landscape pen and ink sketches

For number 11 of my London sketches, I am in South East London, Greenwich, and I have captured a very rough sketch of Romney Road, Greenwich.

I worked with black and white pens, with ink washes on a neutral grey paper.

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Bath Experience I, 2009

Bath Experience cityscape landscape me pen and ink sketches

My first time at Bath! I was more than impressed! It seems they planned the whole city to look like ancient Rome. One thing stood out to me and that was the colour of the buildings were all faded yellow orche. I only spent a day and a half and I couldn't stop taking pictures, that I will have to develop into paintings, as the whole city is just a painters' delight!

Here (below) are two rough pen...

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Sketch of Wellington Arch-Hyde Park, A3, Pen/Ink, 2009

bristol board paper drawing landscapes pen and ink statues

Out and about the city again! This time it's Hyde Park Corner and The Wellington Arch caught my attention on a hot summers morning! Temperatures went high as 30C, which is really high for London! The Ink washes dried so quickly.

This was done with Pen and ink wash on an A3 Bristol paper. The Bristol paper is very white which really helps for the vibrant result.

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