Sketches at Earls Court Festival 2009 (Live Music at Earls Court Station)

music people sketches

On the way to my studio, I arrive at Earls Court Station and there's live music being played by young talented musicians. I stop not only to listen but to sketch.

Here are the sketches and links to the musicians I sketched. They are all amazing and I really wish the the best in the music scene!

for Jnay click here

for Angus click here

for Angelina click here

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Sketches at Ecclesia 2 @Vibe Live

Ecclesia music sketches Vibe Live

Listened to Buki Fatona and her brother, Ade, at the Vibe Bar.

There was also music from Quiet Days

It was brilliant evening with great music and an art exhibition which I took part in with Viki Isherwood, Charles M. Reid and Chris Alan.

Below are a few sketches I did while the performance was going on. I have never really sketched from a live gig-...... quite daunting.

Below are some sketches I did...

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