Urban Shadow Highlights- Series 8-12 (5 paintings) Oil on board

Adebanji Alade alla prima figures Harpenden light and shade london oil on board oil on gessoed card people plein air public transportation Rickshaw studio painting Taxis Urban Shadow Highlights

 In all these paintings, the main subject is LIGHT! Once there's light, there's bound to be shadows! I love highlights and shadows!

The effect they have in urban space and settings is what this retrospective series of 5 paintings (mainly of London) is all  about. 

Light has colour, it has atmosphere and it has a life of it's own! The ability to capture this remains the task and duty of the artist,...

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The Face of Homelessness, London Bridge

FACE OF HOMELESSNESS figures homeless london London Bridge oil oil on board people studies The Anders Zorn Palette

This is another guy I encountered at London Bridge. He was actually begging inside London Bridge Station and this isn't allowed. Sometimes the homeless get away with it. So I didn't have much time to stay with him before he was moved on by the Travel Police.

The Face of Homelessness, London Bridge, 12" x 12", Oil on Board, 2012

He had the kind of face that I always love to paint and explore. I...

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Highlights from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (Open Painting Evening) 2012

demo exhibition figurative figures Mall Galleries model oil oil on board oil on canvas oil on canvas board portraits ROI

Adebanji at work

The Open painting evening at the ROI was interesting again this year, with lots of non-members turning up to paint alongside the members on a very busy evening. I was quite busy this year painting and I wasn't able to get the names of some artists featured, so I just took random pictures during the session and rushed back to more painting. We had three models on the night. The...

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Highlights from the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition 2012 (Main Category)

exhibition figures landscape Mall Galleries oil plein air portraits ROI still life

The Doors open at The Mall Galleries

On Tuesday this week the much awaited Royal Institute of Oil Painters Exhibition 2012 opened at the Mall Galleries! It is going to be on till the 23rd of December. Don't miss it! If you are in London or anywhere you can commute to London, make it a priority if you are a lover of Oil paintings! Every year I try to just pick a few works that I personally like but...

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The Great British Summer Showers!!!

alla prima Enid Lawson Gallery figurative figures london oil on board oil on canvas people rain

Summer Showers Sloane Square,  24" x 20", oil on canvas

We have already had all the rain that we could ever think of or get this summer but it ain't over yet! It seems there's a lot more ahead and to celebrate this "down pour" I have decided to post these two paintings that feature rain but with a  bit of colour and beauty to lighten up the days ahead! Don't forget your brollies even if it shines...

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