Elected as An Associate Member of The Royal Institute of Oil Painters (The Journey)

A and K Wilson Gallery Adebanji Alade alla prima DVD exhibition FACE OF HOMELESSNESS Heatherley School of Fine Art homeless oil oil on board oil on canvas ROI The Artist Magazine Town House Films

My journey and passion with Oil colour started while I was at Yaba College of Technology between 1992-1997. It was where I discovered this wonderful medium, up till then I had only painted in water based media.

ROI 2007- The painting Rush Hour III won the First Prize in the Winsor & Newton Under 35 Category. 

I can't remember the exact year but something tells me it was in 1993! I heard a lot about...

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The Face of Homelessness Sloane Square

alla prima big issue seller chelsea drawing FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless london oil on board portraits Sloane Square `sketches

This is a another guy in my series of the "Face of Homelessness"- meeting Steve and getting to know his story of how he was homeless and has now been able to get accommodation is a very uplifting one!
He sells the Big Issue at Sloane Square and I have sketched him on a number of occasions.

In this painting, I wanted to capture to look in his eyes. It's the main thing that brings out his character...

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The Face of Homelessness, London Bridge

FACE OF HOMELESSNESS figures homeless london London Bridge oil oil on board people studies The Anders Zorn Palette

This is another guy I encountered at London Bridge. He was actually begging inside London Bridge Station and this isn't allowed. Sometimes the homeless get away with it. So I didn't have much time to stay with him before he was moved on by the Travel Police.

The Face of Homelessness, London Bridge, 12" x 12", Oil on Board, 2012

He had the kind of face that I always love to paint and explore. I...

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The Face of Homelessness Kings Road II

demo FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless london oil oil base pencil oil on board people portraits The Anders Zorn Palette `sketches

 To start off this post, I  have some good news I can't keep to myself, even though I'm going to do a separate post on this later, but I'm pleased to announce that I was elected an Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Oil Painters!!  It was an early Christmas present-as I got a phone call from The President on Sunday the 23rd of December, last year (I just had to chip this in)....;0) and...

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The Face of Homelessness, Earls Court

demo exhibition. London FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless oil on board portraits ROI The Anders Zorn Palette

The Face of Homelessness, Earls Court, Oil on Board, 12" x 16", 2012

I'm back to my series of Homeless faces and sketches on public Transport, I'll also be posting some of my recent plein air work too. This particular piece was accepted into the Royal Institute of Oil Painters Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries. I am happy I was able to get this one in. Also I am happy I have some stage shots...

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