My Favourites at The Royal Society of Portrait Painters Annual Exhibition 2014

Adebanji Alade charcoal figurative Mall Galleries oil portraits Royal Society of Portrait Painters RP watercolour

The ROYAL SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT PAINTERS ANNUAL EXHIBITION opened a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed the exhibition as usual. I have always mentioned in my reviews that the exhibition is an education and if you are into figurative art or portraiture or you just love seeing paintings of people-GO THERE! (Mall Galleries, London) It's a revelation!

The selection committee are all top professionals and...

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The Face of Homelessnes, Clapham Common

acrylic alla prima charcoal FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless oil base pencil oil on canvas board portraits sanguine dust sepia dust

This is another one of my series of portraits on the Face of Homelessness. I worked with this guy for close to 3 years while working for the homeless and we were able to share different passions. He liked art, bowling and most of all pool. He was very competitive and so was I, he'd been on the streets for a long while before he was discovered and he also had a wonderful dog. I have added him to...

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"Industrial Synthesis" 15" x 9", Mixed Media on Paper, 2009

acrylic cartidge paper charcoal different strokes from different folks DSFDF Karin Jurick mixed media oil base pencil

This is my entry into Karin Juricks DSFDF, The reference picture had roof tops and I didn't really find the whole picture interesting but a section of it.

So I decided to zoom into this area and make a statement with it. I just loved the various tonal values, the variety of shapes and diagonals, so I played around with them using charcoal, oil base pencils and white acrylic. I fixed the charcoal...

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AFRO HEADGEAR II, 12" x 16", Mixed Media on Pastel Paper, 2009 (SOLD)

acrylic African Headgear AFRO HEADGEAR SERIES charcoal charcoal dust ink mixed media oil base pencil

This is makes number 2 in my current series of African Headgears.

I'm exploring this series from all angles and will use all forms of media to get my message across, even wax and possibly clay.

For this piece, I had as my model a lovely lady I met at a friends wedding. She naturally took this pose and that was it!

I have used charcoal dust, ink washes, acrylic washes, white ink and oil base pencil...

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AFRO XXVII, 11" x 13", Oil Base Pencil/Charcoal, 2009

AFRO SERIES charcoal oil base pencil watercolour paper

Here comes number 27 of my current Afro Series and if you remember from my last post on the Afro Series, I said the drawing had a better resemblance. This to me looks more like the model.

I have used Soft Oil Base Pencil with charcoal to render this piece. The emphasis of this series once again is to explore the variety and beauty of natural Black Afro Hair, something that really fascinates me!


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