The Face of Homelessness Sloane Square

alla prima big issue seller chelsea drawing FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless london oil on board portraits Sloane Square `sketches

This is a another guy in my series of the "Face of Homelessness"- meeting Steve and getting to know his story of how he was homeless and has now been able to get accommodation is a very uplifting one!
He sells the Big Issue at Sloane Square and I have sketched him on a number of occasions.

In this painting, I wanted to capture to look in his eyes. It's the main thing that brings out his character...

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The Face of Homelessness, Piccadilly

alla prima big issue seller FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless london oil on board portraits

This is a guy I did a drawing of in my Big Issue Series and I decided to add him to the Face of Homelessness because of his amazing beard-you can hardly see his mouth and it really conceals his identity.
I saw him recently at St James Street and his beard was even longer, I hope to approach him to make a sketch of him with a longer version of his beard.

The Face of Homelessness, Piccadilly, 12" x...

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The Face of Homelessness, Bath

alla prima big issue seller FACE OF HOMELESSNESS homeless oil on board The Anders Zorn Palette

Face of Homelessness, Bath, Oil on Board, 12" x 12", 2012
This post mainly features on my keen interest in depicting interesting faces. All year I have been working on this project of homeless peoples faces and I'll be sharing the ideas behind this and sometimes where I can, I'll document some stage by stage thoughts that go through my head while working on them.

Same Model- sat for me for my Big...

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big issue seller chalk pastel coloured pencils

This is a continuation of my series of Big Issue Sellers in London and Bath. This particular seller had one of the faces that is a dream to draw for portrait lovers. You could take one look at him and he'd take your artistic breath away! The guys that sell these Big Issue Magazines are homeless but this gives them something to gain extra cash.

This was done on a museum mount board prepared with...

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big issue seller graphite homeless oil base pencil sketchbook

These two sellers are from Poland, they couldn't speak much English but they let me know their names and they agreed for me to sketch them. Andrey has been in the country for about 3 years and Roman has been in the country for 5 years. Roman has been selling the Big Issue for 3 years and its been great for him. Andrey stands up holding crutches in one hand, so it was quite hard sketching him and...

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