AFRO HEADGEAR I, 10" x 8", oil sketch on canvas board, 2009

African Headgear AFRO HEADGEAR SERIES alla prima oil on canvas board oil sketch

This is a new series I am embarking upon. It is all about the beauty, elegance and variety of African Headgears. There are so many different types from different cultures and countries in the rich continent of Africa and I will be using the medium of drawing, painting and sculpture to get this series going.

My first series just takes me out of the blocks. The model is my cousins wife. On the day of her daughters naming ceremony she was decked with "asho oke"- a very traditional garment worn by Yoruba's from Nigeria on special occasions. But what attracted me most was her "gele" (head gear/head tie) it had a sort of hanging feel to it at the back and that's where I concentrated most of my heavy textures on.

To execute this piece I have used an oil wash for skin and mostly quick applications oil paint in impasto for the textures of the head gear.

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